The Shamsane Pita Bakery started in 1998 in Calgary, Alberta. Since then, we have been producing Western Canada’s finest authentic Pita bread. Through this time we have worked to constantly improve our products by providing better taste, texture, freshness, and a healthier and more natural Pita bread. This is why we deliver our Pita bread fresh from the bakery, direct to your nearby grocer on a daily basis to most locations in Calgary and the surrounding region, and fresh-frozen to stores ranging from British Columbia to Manitoba.

In 2012 we expanded our operations with the addition of a new flatbread production facility. This resulted in a change of name from our traditional “The Shamsane Pita Bakery,” to the new “Shamsane Bakery,” to better reflect our position as a bakery with a more diverse product line.

As of 2013, we have added 4 new products alongside our famous Shamsane Pita bread. This includes our Persian Barbari Bread, Long Afghan Tandoori Bread, Round Afghan Tandoori Bread, and our own unique and multipurpose Thick Flat Bread.

Continuing with our commitment to being the premiere Pita and Artisan specialty bread producer in western Canada, we have several new exciting products planned for launch during 2014.