“Great Food starts with Great Bread, made by people as passitionate about the bread they make as you are about the food you make and share with those who matter most to you.”

At the Shamsane Bakery, we take pride in the bread we bake. That’s why we strive to create bread that not only tastes great, but bread that is also good for you. We fine tune our recipes to use as little sodium as possible. In fact, all of our products are below 2016 sodium target 5-year plan set by Health Canada. And we didn’t have to change a thing, because we’ve always been committed to baking the best bread possible.

This is also why our breads use little to no oil, and why we offer our bread in both white flour and whole wheat flour varieties. And why we were one of the first bakeries in Canada to offer bread with no artificial preservatives. We do all this because we take pride in what we do and we want you to feel good about enjoying our products.